An idea born in Borneo

I once went to a workshop and learnt that one of the strategies used by successful people is literally creating a vision of what they want to achieve. One lovely young entrepreneur even displayed a board she had decorated complete with a picture of the sportscar she planned to buy with her newly made riches.

So, whilst at the beach in Borneo I thought “what would the vision be for Friends for Good for 2018?” I imagined that we would be working away chatting to people who are lonely – on the phone – at Ross House. So, Friend Line was an idea that was born, even though it didn’t have a name and within the last short while it has been scoped and planned. We are looking for volunteers to help us get this off the ground.

Once the training is complete we will start the service.

Its ok for ideas to be born, but it takes lots of people working hard in the background to make ideas a reality.

Hat’s off to those self-same people. Loneliness can be called a hidden suffering of the modern age. It is complex and confounding and hopefully, Friend Line will be one way of doing something about it.


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